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My Lady’s Scents/Edco Fragrance offers a diverse selection of perfume body oils in NYC, NY. Scented body oil is the most long-wearing fragrance option because scents are best preserved and highlighted in oil. If you’re looking for a new signature scent or simply a fun alternative to your typical perfume, our products will be perfect for you. They’re crafted from essential oils and other all-natural ingredients. Treat your body right by avoiding chemical-based perfumes and unhealthy artificial scents – shop our variety of delightful body fragrance oils. We have popular French perfumes that are hard to find in the US. Our Trefle perfume in particular is a popular and timeless option.

Body oils are the future of perfume and once you try this unique product for yourself, you’ll understand why. It’s easy to apply them with more care and specificity than sprays. The scent lasts and lasts, even through long work days, late nights out, sweat, and outfit changes. You can apply body oil in the morning and feel confident that you’ll smell fresh and appealing all day long. 

In addition to our aroma body oil, we also sell a variety of personal hygiene products for both men and women. All of our products are for sale in our easy online store. We offer deals to help you get the most value for your money, including body oil refills and free shipping on orders over $25. Contact one of our experienced and reliable customer service representatives today to find out more about My Lady’ Scents/Edco Fragrance’s variety of products for personal and home use. 

You owe it yourself to invest in the best quality perfume products available on the market. In the long run, you’ll actually save money by using body oils because a little goes such a long way.

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