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For incense and burning oils in NYC, NY, shop My Lady’s Scents/Edco Fragrance. We’re a trusted online retailer, in business for over twelve years. We sell variety of top quality, all natural perfume and scent products, including incense sticks, incense cones, electric oil burners, air freshening oil, and scented oil. Our products are a health-friendly, chemical free alternative to commercial sprays and scent products. Whether you’re an avid incense burner or you’ve never tried it before, we believe that our incense will exceed your expectations in every way. We strive to provide the best quality available on the market at affordable prices appropriate for everyday use.

Even though we’re an online business, our experienced and reliable staff will take the time necessary to get to know you as a client, answer your questions and requests, and ensure that you feel totally confident about your incense purchase and how to best utilize it in your home. For some reason, incense can seem more intimating that candles or sprays, but it really isn’t! Our employees will empower you with the knowledge and expertise you need to scent your home with the smoke-free, all-natural power of incense. And since we sell burners and a variety of other incense accessories, you can purchase everything you need from our shop. We even offer free shipping on orders over $25!

Email My Lady’s Scents/Edco Fragrance today to place your order. We’re sure it won’t be your last! Once you’ve experienced our personal and home scent products for yourself, you’ll always want to maintain the fresh, appealing, and enjoyable new mood you’ve created. Scent has the power to change an entire space (or day!) for the better. Experience the power of all-natural incense for yourself. 

It’s a low-cost investment that will create a welcoming and hospitable environment in your home.

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